The Quantum Key

“Wake Up” to the New Reality

The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami.

Physics of Abundance & So Much More

Aaron walks you though, step-by-step, with books, audio and videos, teaching and revealing profound subjects such as:

  • Suppressed knowledge in physics
  • What the “guru” books can’t or won’t teach
  • Physics of abundance
  • Unified field “For Dummies”
  • The Quantum and Macro Universe explained for everyday people
  • Gravity explained so a 10 year old can easily understand it.
  • Taboo physics explain the age old secrets of what Time is
  • Free Energy: Taboo physics explains how to get more out than you put in
  • Poverty physics are abolished with common sense knowledge

Read the fascinating story about Aaron and the origins of The Quantum Key

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