The weight of challenges is lifted off my shoulders when I seek spiritual guidance.

The weight of challenges is lifted off my shoulders when I seek spiritual guidance.

I am able to take all my hardships and tough times in stride because I rely on spiritual guidance to keep me strong.

Some of my most challenging experiences serve as life lessons instead of hindrances because I accept wisdom from a higher place.

When I feel weighed down by emotional gloom, I pull myself out of it with assistance that comes through my faith. I know that I am meant to be happy and peaceful, so I lean on that belief to propel me to a better emotional place.

I view family challenges as blessings because I believe that they teach me to embrace my loved ones regardless of the circumstances. I pray for spiritual calmness so I can see the path I need to take to resolve the issue.

The weight of challenges grows continuously lighter as I rely more and more on the spiritual path that guides me. I know I have the support of a greater being and I lean on that support when it feels like I am not strong enough to carry the load on my own.

I believe that all challenges are conquerable with the right combination of faith and personal resolve.

Today, I view life’s obstacles as temporary roadblocks. I believe that even though these challenges are sometimes difficult to handle, they help me pause and discover the lesson to be learned. I rely on spiritual guidance to open my eyes.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When I am weary, do I trust in spiritual guidance?
  2. What is my response when challenges do not produce the outcome that I expect?
  3. Do I encourage my family members to work on developing their spirituality?
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