Top Sources of Stress

Top Sources of Stress

Sometimes it can be miss the causes of stress in your life, especially when you’re always busy. You just don’t know where to start looking and you are just too tired to even try. What if we can help you by identifying some of the top rated causes of stress? Great, let’s begin.
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Financial Stress

This is one of the most top rated causes of stress today. You may have trouble meeting your mortgage payments each month, or just coming up with the funds to pay your bills. Money helps to cover the necessities of life including food, heat and shelter for your family. Without it you are totally stuck!
The current state of your finances may not be your fault. You may have lost your job and cannot find a new one. Or you may have splurged on a major item and are now regretting your purchase.


Stress at work is at an all time high. You need a job to survive but going through the same routine day after day can be a nightmare for some. If you dislike your current job look for ways to change this. Is it possible to train for a new position, or even ask for a transfer to another location? Instead of living with this hatred look for alternatives.

Family Life

While having a family is wonderful it is also a leading cause of stress. Raising children is not always an easy task and can lead to all kinds of problems. A family member may be sick and need special care, and this puts a strain on the other family members. Even caring for a sick parent or grandparent can become a burden and cause huge amounts of stress.

Tragic Events and Death

These are another source of stress. Witnessing a tragic event or living through a natural disaster can be extremely traumatic. As can the untimely death of a child, parent or close friend.

Personal Health

Your own personal state of health can be a cause of stress. You may be attempting to lose weight without success. Or you may be trying to give up a bad habit such as drinking or smoking.

You could be suffering from a chronic health issue such as arthritis or diabetes. This puts undue pressure on you and can make even some menial tasks difficult to do.

After seeing this list you should now have a better idea of where to look when it comes to identifying stressful areas of your life.

Now that we’ve pinpointed the sources, how do we deal with stress?

Minimizing Stress

Use the following tips to reduce your stress and keep it at bay. Stress can become a killer and is a leading cause of many chronic health issues. So get a handle on how to manage stress before it takes over your life.

Keeping a Journal

This is a great way of reducing your stress levels. Sometimes it can be hard to find a place or person where you can vent your frustrations without any fear of rebuttal. Writing out your feelings is a fantastic way to get your emotions out of your body and mind. With a journal, nobody but you will read it and journaling is often recommended by therapists.

Enjoy the Pleasures in Life

When was the last time you found yourself laughing for no reason? If you can’t remember then you really need to start enjoying the pleasures of life. It is too easy to get wrapped up in work and life that you forget what really makes you happy.

Spend time with your family and friends and enjoy them. Laugh, smile and tell each other jokes. These are all incredible ways to reduce stress and start living your life again to the fullest.

Make Time for You

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that people make today. Everyone is so busy looking after others that they neglect themselves. Treat yourself to a sauna or a massage, join a yoga class or take a long walk in the country.

Spending time alone helps you clear your mind and relax. You don’t need hours and hours alone. Just set aside a little time each week and do something that you really love.

Exercise and Eating Healthy

These two activities are extremely critical for keeping stress at bay and for staying fit and healthy. You can’t deal with stress efficiently if you are not eating correctly. High fat foods and those filled with sugars just add to making you feel more tired and lethargic. Aim to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Exercise is a key stress management tool and usually more effective than other methods. Try for at least 20 minutes of exercise each day. You don’t have to train for a marathon, instead enjoy a walk after dinner or offer to take the dog for a walk. Make exercise a family activity so that you can all spend some quality time together while getting fit.

Use the above guidelines to help reduce your stress levels and keep them at bay. Stress doesn’t have to take over your life, and it won’t if you take action first.

We have many more articles with methods and tips on dealing with stress. See all posts tagged with “stress” for more useful stress management resources.

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