Tough situations shape me into a stronger person.

Tough situations shape me into a stronger person.

I accept that life is filled with unexpected challenges. I know it is up to me to decide how to face them. I choose to take tough situations and turn them into opportunities to become a stronger person.


I understand the emotions that come with losing a loved one. The feelings of broken-heartedness and emptiness are very relatable.

But I use my personal loss to develop better coping mechanisms.

Through loss, I challenge myself to keep my head up and carry on. It may be hard, but it is attainable.

When I am faced with a challenging project at work, my first instinct is to become nervous. I begin to doubt my ability to be successful when situations feel unfamiliar. But after a few slow, deep breaths, I regain my composure.

When I make it through a rough patch, I take a long look at my achievements. I realize I have the strength and courage needed to persevere.

I wrestle with obstacles until I am able to conquer them.

Today, I anticipate surprise curves along this road called life. I know I am capable of meeting the unexpected with confidence and courage. My inner strength keeps me grounded even through the most challenging times.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I share my life examples with others to show them how to make it through tough times?
  2. How do I embrace my inner strength without allowing it to make me seem hard and uncaring?
  3. Are there some challenging situations that I feel incapable of overcoming?
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