Treating myself to things I like helps to make me a more balanced person.

Treating myself to things I like helps to make me a more balanced person.

The things I like are important to me. I always allow myself to enjoy the things that make me happy. When I am happy, I feel like all is right with my world.

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I remind myself that life is about more than work and responsibilities.

I make sufficient time for the lighter side of life. The things that make me laugh, smile and relax play a big part in my sense of completeness.

Every month, I treat myself to a spa visit. When I am pampered and relaxed, I feel more able to take on challenges. There is a sense of renewal that comes from rejuvenating the mind, soul, and body.

I maintain a healthy diet, but always leave room once a week for a special treat. I am forced to stay on track with my diet when I know I have something to look forward to.

Laughter is the best medicine for me. On very stressful days, I resort to watching comedy reruns on television. They lighten my mood and equip me with stress-fighting abilities.

When I allow myself to enjoy the things I like, I feel better able to cope through difficult situations.

Today, I know that the best way to achieve balance is to make enjoyment a regular part of my daily routines. I commit to making time for the lighter things in life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I invite others to share in my lighter moments?
  2. Am I creative enough to find affordable options for enjoying life?
  3. What are my favorite activities? How can I schedule more time to enjoy them?
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