True happiness means being true to myself.

True happiness means being true to myself.

I avoid using external factors to make myself happy. I know that true happiness comes from being true to myself.


Being true to myself means living according to what I believe.

My beliefs are grounded in my morals, and I use my conscience as a guide. I believe in following my gut.

My principles help me work through both the favorable and unfavorable events in my life. I sometimes make tough decisions that are necessary for my own happiness. Some decisions that may cause unhappiness today can lead to happiness later on. I trust my instincts about what to do, regardless of the impact today.

When my conscience is clear, I feel at ease. I leave my nervous tendencies in the past. I avoid relying on the opinions of others to drive my decisions. Although seeking advice is helpful, I only do it to gain perspective.

Sometimes, I catch myself being stubborn in my thinking. I remember my responsibility to make mature decisions. Even when others are unhappy with my decisions, I refuse to change my mind.

My decisions are based on my natural inclination towards happiness.

Today, I continue to search for happiness in every aspect of my life. I know that it is a work in progress. Situations change and cause me to make difficult decisions. But I am justified, as long as I remain true to myself.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When have I allowed the influence of others to change my moral position?
  2. How can I ensure that my decisions are geared towards happiness?
  3. Why do I sometimes allow outside forces to influence me into making unfavorable decisions?
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