What is the right action that will lead to your ultimate goals?

What is the right action that will lead to your ultimate goals?

by song chengxiang All right reserved

What is the right thing I need to do to bring forth my desires?

What actions do I need to take Now?

Am I doing the right thing or the wrong thing?

These are the questions that most of us are constantly asking ourselves in our minds. Most of the time, we are asking unconsciously.

We are constantly judging what we are doing, because we are afraid of making mistakes. Let me now show you how to choose the right action that will lead you to your ultimate goals.

First of all, let’s discuss …

The root of all procrastination.

Very often, people tell me “I have studied all the theories of success and read all the self improvement books, but I still don’t know what to do.”

Then they end up doing nothing, and getting no results.

No matter how many books you read, how many tapes you listen to, and how many seminars you attend, if you don’t take any action, you won’t have any result. Action creates result. You can’t change this fact.

Inaction leads to endless procrastination, and ultimately leads to failure.

You must understand that no matter how bad the situation is, you can always take some action to improve it right now, even for just a little improvement. If you can’t imagine how to make 1 million dollars, just make a commitment to make 100 dollars first. You might have heard of this phase CANI, It represents constant-and-never-ending-improvement. Success is a journey, not a destination. This journey is about improvement. As long as you are making some kind of improvement, you are leading to success.

Now you know you need to take some kind of action,


What is the right action?

The answer is to ask your intuition. Your intuition will never fool you, because it is a message from Higher Intelligence. Your intuition always knows what is right and what is wrong.

Do you remember I said that feelings and emotions were the language of the universe? They are also the messages from the higher intelligence of the universe. When you feel a positive emotion, the universe is telling you that you are doing well, keep on doing it; when you are receiving a negative emotion, the universe is warning you that you are not aligned with your ultimate purpose, or life mission. You need to correct your action. This is the way the universe communicates with you.

Before taking any action, ask yourself, “What feeling will it make me feel once I have accomplished this action?”

Most of the time, your intuition will give you immediate feedback; you either receive a positive or a negative emotion.

Listen to your intuition, and do what makes you feel good, don’t worry about making mistakes, because…

Everything is in its divine order

One of the most stubborn road blocks to success is fear of failure, or fear of making mistakes.

To completely remove this road block, you must accept a belief that everything is in divine order.

Look back over your life of the past 10 years. Did you make any mistakes? Sure you did, but without those mistakes, would you have the life you are living now? If you look deeply, you will find that those mistakes have inevitably created some coincidence that has led to your present life. There is always a connection between the things that are happening in your life. The mistakes were part of your life journey that could not have been missed, so why did you worry at that time?

After my university entrance examination, I did not get a chance to join an old name university that I loved very much. Most people that knew me felt sorry for me, but I did not care, I joined the university of my second choice. A month after joining that university, I was offered a scholarship to study abroad in a much better university than my first choice university. Best of all, I did not spend a single dime on my tertiary education; even my everyday spending was covered by that scholarship. I would never have had this chance if I had joined my first choice university. I believe every thing is in its divine order, in my life nothing ever goes wrong.

If you want more of this kind of coincidence happen in your life, repeat this everyday when you feel doubt:

Everything is in its divine order, in my life, nothing ever goes wrong

To sum up, you need to make a small improvement everyday. Before taking any action, think of the feelings it will bring to you, and make the right choice based on your feelings. Then just do it, and believe you are doing the right thing because everything is in divine order.


Song Chengxiang is the author of popular online ebooks “Rapid Manifestation” and “The Lost secrets of Manifestation”. His words have helped thousands of people greatly change the quality of their lives and manifest their true desires easily and effortlessly. He has recently developed a powerful mind programming system- Quantum Mind Power, with a top brainwave entrainment Engineer Morry Zelcovitch. Check out this amazing new system and get a FREE 5 part Quantum Mind Power ecourse at http://www.quantum-mind-power.com

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