When I endeavor to help others, my life flourishes.

When I endeavor to help others, my life flourishes.

I live a very full life. Working, relating with my partner, and spending time with my kids consume most of my hours. Still, I watch for opportunities to extend a helping hand to another human being.

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I find that when I take the time to help others, my life gets better and better.

Each day brings new opportunities to help. My partner and I work together to get the kids up and off to school in the mornings. We smile knowingly at each other as the kids head out for school. We know what it takes to keep the family going and we enjoying doing it together.

Pitching in to help strengthens my connection to life. My life seems to light up whenever I assist someone else. The more I put into helping others, the more I receive back from it.

Today, I know I can extend a helping hand to someone.

I can watch for people who need help in my home, neighborhood, or office. Even places like the grocery store or dry cleaners can provide me with opportunities to give someone a hand. My life flourishes because of my helpful nature.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I carry with me the spirit of helping others?
  2. When did I last offer help to someone?
  3. How well do I understand the interaction between extending a helping hand and enjoying a great life?
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