When I laugh my circumstances appear more bearable.

When I laugh my circumstances appear more bearable.

I believe that laughter is the best medicine for any ailment known to mankind. My circumstances are more bearable when I allow myself to laugh even when my heart is heavy.

happy woman looking at rain

Laughter fills the soul with joy, and that joy permeates through any challenge I am facing.

When I feel sad or broken-hearted, I spend very little time being consumed by those emotions. Instead, I use the first opportunity I get to find a source of laughter. I switch to the cable channel that shows my favorite comedy re-runs, because I know they can lift my spirit.

I rely on the company of good friends and family members to provide opportunities to laugh. Regardless of the time of day or my physical location, there are certain people I can always count on to induce my laughter.

When I laugh, I feel a sense of clarity, which allows me to focus on finding a solution to the challenge I am facing. A therapeutic laugh takes my mind off the challenge itself and I start thinking about how to eliminate it.

Today, I attest to the wonderful power of laughter. I continue to make laughter a part of my daily life. Humor helps me handle any difficult situations that may come my way. I can handle the variances of life when I walk alongside laughter.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I encourage others who seem troubled to take a break and seek out laughter?
  2. What is my next move if I realize that laughter is not relieving the burden of a situation?
  3. Do I express my gratitude to those that support and help me by making me laugh?
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