Why The Sedona Method Is Such A Powerful Self Help Technique

Self-help techniques are a dime a dozen.

However, a small (very small) number actually work and work well. The Sedona Method is one such technique that can help you make life-changing transformations.

For example, one of the reasons it works so well is because it “de-bugs” or “de-programs” your subconscious mind of all the negative garbage stored in there.

Think of it like a “mental enema” of sorts.

By using the Sedona Method, you bring up the negative self-limiting thoughts and feelings that keep you frozen in place and scared to death of doing the things you know you should be doing.

Then, once these negatives are up from the subconscious mind, you simply let them go using an easy process.

In no time, what you used to think was impossible becomes very much probable.

But why?

Because the only thing holding us back is those thoughts and feelings that act like brakes. They prevent us from moving forward.

The Sedona Method purges those thoughts and feelings out. So you’re left only with the positive thoughts of what you want to accomplish.

Another great thing about the Sedona Method is that it has a sort of residual impact on you. Say that you have a goal to lose weight. When you do the Sedona Method on that goal, you will begin seeing results.

But at the same time other areas of your life begin to improve. Areas you did not necessarily work on.

All of a sudden often longstanding issues begin to drop away effortlessly. Of course, this does not happen on every issue or situation you are dealing with. Yet it does happen, which only proves the Sedona Method has a powerful residual effect.

The best way to learn the Sedona Method is not by reading about it in a book. In fact, Lester Levenson (the physicist who developed this tool) never wrote a book explaining how to do the Sedona Method.

Because it must be experienced to be learned. There are a few people marketing seminars and home-study courses. My research indicates the most prominent of these marketers have actually modified the technique from what Lester Levenson originally taught.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad… but… I personally prefer to discover the original technique. One of Lester’s students (Stephen Seretan) bills himself as someone who promotes exactly what Lester taught.

If you would like more information simply check out the Sedona Method website he has for yourself: The Sedona Method.

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