Winning for me means learning a lesson from every outcome.

Winning for me means learning a lesson from every outcome.

I am victorious in everything I set out to do because I strive to learn a lesson from every outcome. I am content with the reality that winning is more about what I am able to take away from a race than actually crossing the finish line first.


I know it is normal to feel disappointed when I am unable to finish first.

I sometimes experience feelings of dissatisfaction, especially when I know I have worked hard at a task.

However, I avoid allowing those feelings to consume me. Instead, I take a moment to consider the lesson which I am taking away from the experience.

I am reminded that there is a time and place for everything, including victory.

I am content with the fact that crossing the line in second or third place says very little about my ability and a great deal about my potential and perseverance.

I learn the value of hard work after I cross the finish line, regardless of the position. I stop for a moment and consider whether I could have put forth a little more effort. I affirm that there is always room for improvement.

Today, I believe that I am a more rounded person because I allow myself to learn the lessons life intends for me to learn. I am more gracious about victory because I have learned what it truly means to be victorious.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When I am overlooked for a promotion, do I sometimes feel cheated?
  2. Do lessons always show themselves to me or do I need to search for them myself?
  3. How many times have I shared the blessing from a lesson with my loved ones?
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